Home Automation Systems

With Action Security’s home automation, you can control your residential system remotely from any smartphone or computer. You don’t have to be on your property to:


  • Arm or disarm your system
  • Control your thermostat
  • Turn off and on your lights
  • Open and close your garage door
Watch your indoor and outdoor security video from the camera from any location and know that your property is under your control and careful eye. Our keypad control not only allows multiple access codes but also provides access reporting so that you know who and when someone is accessing your home. 


With Action Security home automation, you can check on a loved one who is home alone from wherever you are. No need to drive by every day before and after work. Let our home automation help you take care of that loved one with alerts and remote control. 

At Action Security, we want to provide you with state-of-the-art equipment that places your home in your control.

Contact Action Security to provide Home Automation for your home or a loved one's home.  Call (585) 232-1410 or (800)-445-1410.

Residential Security Services