Security System Customer - East Rochester, NY

We have been a client of Action Security for a over a year and have found their monitoring service to be effective and their cost for services to be very competitive.

Security and fire monitoring is one of those invisible services that you hope is working but at the same time, you hope you don’t need to test it to find out. Recently, we did have an event in which our system activated during non-business hours and within a very short time, the appropriate emergency services were summoned and we were contacted by phone. The representative with whom I spoke was knowledgeable and prepared to respond to my questions immediately. I immediately felt confidence in him and his knowledge which allowed me to be better prepared when I arrived at our building.

To my great surprise, I received a follow-up call from Action Security the following day to confirm that everything was OK and to answer any questions I might have. I was impressed!

~ Ed H. (Company Confidential)

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